Bishwaraj Bhattarai

Project Manager


Bishwaraj is the Project Manager at Gham Power and leads the Off-Grid Bazaar project. The Off-Grid Bazaar ( is GhamPower’s standardized online project development platform for implementing Rural Microgrids, Agro-Processing Units, and other Productive End Use based projects serving rural, marginalized communities and smallholding farmers. He oversees the product and business development, outreach, fundraising, implementation and the monitoring aspects of the Off – Grid Bazaar project. He is interested in exploring the interactions and inter-dependency between provision of energy access, particularly, electric power; local entrepreneurship; and the provision of other essential services among rural households and the communities.

Bishwaraj has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Durgapur India, and Masters in Sustainable Energy at the University of Edinburgh. He is a recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship from the UK government.