Ananta Thakuri

R&D Head


Ananta is the Senior Engineer and R&D Head at Gham Power. He is an expert in design, installation and quality control in Solar Powered residential and commercial system. Previously, he worked as Design and Sales Engineer in Lotus Energy Pvt. Ltd., Lead Design Engineer in Sun Advantage Pvt. Ltd. ,Product Development Engineer at Swodeshi Innovation Pvt. Ltd.

Ananta leads the R&D team at Gham Power and has developed GP Meter, an IOT device which enables user to remotely monitor and control the solar water pumping system, collect the field data and support in PAYG system. He and his team have done research and development in different Productive End Use of Photo voltaic system like solar water pumping, solar grinding mills, etc. In addition, he has worked in different water pumping projects with national and international non-government and government organizations like KISAN, Renewable Energy Nepal, ICIMODE, Wind Rock International, IDE Nepal, among others. He has been serving Gham Power since 2015 and is involved in testing, commissioning, installation supervision, designing and rectification of different solar water pumping system and overall research and development work.

Ananta is a research lover and has done research on a wide range of field. His research works include Smart Meter, Wind car, Gravity Engine, Grid tied PV system, Digital Door locking system, securities Serine, Gasification plant, Micro hydropower, etc.