Solar pumps

Solar water pumps provide a viable and reliable means of irrigation to rural farmers, who presently rely on unpredictable, seasonal monsoon rain and/or expensive diesel pumps for irrigation. The solar water pumps are integrated with in-house built “Smart Meters”, which trace live data about the water and power usage patterns of farmers. We are on track including additional parameters – PH concentration, soil moisture, etc. – into the Smart Meters. Following these additions, we will be able to assess and process these data through a series of algorithms to enhance the cropping practices of farmers. This is the first mainstream use of data-driven approach to agriculture in Nepal.
Besides the physical product, Gham Power also provides easy pay-as-you-go financing services that will reduce the initial cost borne by farmers. We have made our product available in 20 districts of Terai, the agricultural hub of Nepal.

Who is it for?

Rural farmers cultivating cash crops such as sugarcane, fish and vegetable

Farmers irrigating their farms using diesel generators

Farms with easy access to underground boring systems

How does it work?

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