Microgrids are off-grid electricity sources that are installed at remote locations where national gridlines are not readily available. Gham Power installed Nepal’s first Microgrid – a 70KW powerhouse located in Khotang – in 2014. Since then, GhamPower has installed over 9 microgrids – mostly in touristic destinations and hiking trails. These microgrids have impacted in total 270 families.

Microgrids are equipped with data sensing devices that track and feed live data usage over a period of time. They are financed by communities that install them and are provided with ‘pay-as-you-go’ financing mechanisms. The total payment tenure is as long as 10 years. We match communities with potential impact investors, who finance the total up-front purchase cost. These investors will be paid in full along with a low rate of interest over an extended period of time.

Who is it for?

Communities without access to national grid-line

Communities around popular tourism trails

Communities clustered around religious hubs

How does it work?

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