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Yeti Carpet: Weaving a Sustainable journey with Gham Power

Yeti Carpet has been a leading name in Nepal’s carpet industry for over three decades. They’ve earned their reputation as the “King of Carpets” in Nepal with a staggering 90% market share. They are the first in Nepal to produce both Non-Woven and Tufted Carpets and are well known for their quality and stunning designs. Currently, Yeti Carpet stands as one of the first movers in Nepal’s carpet industry towards sustainability, embracing clean energy solutions to minimize their environmental impact.

With the dynamic shift in the current industrial sector of going green with renewables, Yeti Carpet has partnered with Gham Power to become their official energy partner. They believe each step reflects a unique vision and their step toward sustainability is inspiring. They have installed a rooftop solar system worth 303.6 kW in their Birgunj factory. This system is set up with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), offering several benefits including zero upfront investment. Besides, they don’t face fluctuating electricity costs from the national grid, they pay a pre-determined electricity cost monthly as per their energy consumption.

Additionally, the PPA covers installation and maintenance costs, taking all the hassle from their end. The factory has the latest machinery and technology from Belgium, China, and India to manufacture quality carpets. Now with Gham Power solar technology, they can produce quality electricity on their roof space, making their carpets eco-friendly and cost-effective manner. 

Yeti carpet

In the past, Yeti Carpet used diesel during power-cut hours as their backup which had high operational costs. Now, the installation of solar has helped them to run their industry smoothly without any hassle. This initiative will significantly reduce their carbon footprint by 700 tons, displace diesel by 160 kiloliters, and save costs by up to 28% in 15 years. All in all, Yeti Carpet is moving towards achieving energy independence, ensuring smooth operations without power disruptions.

Contributed by – Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant