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Standing Tall at the base of Mt. Everest- EVK2 Research Center

EVK2 Research Center, located in Lobuche, Solukhumbu was established by Ev-K2-CNR, an autonomous, non-profit organization. It aims to promote scientific and technological research in the Himalayan region observing the impacts of climate change and globalization in the world. It focuses on glacier melt over a period of time, future forecasting, and the effect of high altitude on human health. The research center measures atmospheric conditions(temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind). They have installed a broadband seismometer and a GPS network in order to investigate seismic activity and crustal deformation.

standing tall

In 1987, the explorer Prof. Ardito Desio along with mountaineer Agostino Da Polenza started to do scientific research. Later, they collaborated with the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) to establish “Pyramid International Laboratory-Observatory” near the Everest base camp. Similarly, Gham Power had been at the forefront for the installation of solar across all the designated areas around the Everest base camp. Solar power has been powering up the pyramid and the research center for more than 10 years. It is humbling and amazing to see that even after all these years, the solar is still up and strong and is providing the reliable energy needed for EvK2CNR’s scientific research in mountainous areas. We are grateful to be a part of this special research impacting the global climate space.

-Contributed by Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant