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Solar in Health: Birat Medical College Runs Smoothly While Saving Costs

Birat Medical College, situated in Biratnagar, Nepal, stands as one of the newer additions to the medical education landscape in Nepal. Affiliated with Kathmandu University, the hospital serves around 350 beds in its premises. They had previously faced the problem of unstable electricity, resulting in a decrease in workforce efficiency and high electricity bills. The cost of operations and electricity affected them to find other alternative solutions.


With the installation of a 201.6 kWp solar system, now, that remains a history. The installation of the solar system resolved these issues, ensuring seamless workflow and effective cost management. With the successful implementation, the hospital now has a smooth workflow and better financial stability, effectively managing expenses including high electricity bills.

This project remains a remarkable feat for our team due to the brilliance that they pulled off in such a short span of time. Despite being given a timeline of 50 days, our competent and experienced team was able to complete the installation in just 28 days. From seamless coordination and swift transportation to efficient execution, this project stands as a proud achievement, a real feather on our cap.

-Contributed by Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant