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Rajesh Kshetri– Solar Water Pump

“The 5 kathha land that was unfruitful before, is now home to various vegetables and staple crops like maize and paddy. I am truly thankful to receive this reliable irrigation source to utilize my space.” – Rajesh Kshetri, Farmer, Bara District

Rajesh Kshetri, a hardworking farmer from the Bara district, has always been passionate about agriculture. Near the Simara Airport area, he has 5 Kattha land, in which he hoped to cultivate maize and increase his revenue to meet his family’s needs. But, the frequent power outages he had to face, made it difficult for him to take on his farming operation and irrigate his land. Thus, he was struggling to raise his income. Although he believed he could turn his barren land into something productive, he did not have access to the right source, so it was frustrating for him. 

Determined to find a solution to his problem, Rajesh discovered Gham Power through Facebook. He learned about the services Gham provides – reliable irrigation sources being one of them. He then contacted our representative, Dhiraj Thakur who introduced him to the concept of Solar Water Pumps – its various utilities and its benefits. Rakesh Chhetri was convinced that this was the solution he had been after for so long. Following the discussions, Rajesh reached out to Gham Power’s partner Microfinance – FORWARD, requesting to arrange the necessary funds required to install the solar water pump on his land. Favorably, they were happy to help Rakesh with his decision and thus, with the help of Gham Power and FORWARD Microfinance, he got access to a reliable, green source of water to irrigate his empty land. 

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Before the installation of the solar water pump, his 5 Kattha land was unproductive, but now it is a thriving farm with a variety of crops including maize, paddy, mango trees, and vegetables. Moreover, he also took the agency of Mahindra Showroom, where he has to wash cars and make them as good as new. Since the solar water pump is highly adaptable, he also uses the solar water pump for his showroom work alongside his agribusiness. With this dependable, green solar water pump, he has been able to increase his yield and save about NRs.1,50,000 to date, increasing his revenue by a huge amount. Rakesh is truly thankful for being able to turn his land into a flourishing oasis of cultivation.