Our International Women’s Day Celebration: Honoring Female Heroes

Despite their continuous efforts in making a positive impact on society, female heroes are often overshadowed. On the festive occasion of International Women’s Day, Gham Energy Foundation organized an event tributing Women’s heroism and sacrifices in making the world a better place, giving them the title of “SHE-Roes”

The primary objective of this three-part event was to empower women in various fields and promote sustainability. We were able to accomplish our goals through the following activities:blog inside pictures

SHE-Creates: The Mural Art Contest that took place in the Gham Power Premises was a remarkable event promoting sustainability and recognizing female artists. The winning artist was chosen through an online art competition, where all of our female participants submitted their artwork. The Gham Power team then selected the best of the beautiful art submitted by our participants and the winner got a chance to paint the wall of the  Gham Power premises. We were thrilled with the incredible work done by our winning artist, Shovna Khadgi, who demonstrated her creativity through her artwork. Additionally, Kripa Khadgi also played a significant role in the project by bringing her expertise to brighten the walls of Gham Power with vivid colors and brushes. Through them, we also came to know about the unfair working conditions they have to go through while working in their field. The workload and the pay for female artists are not equivalent, according to their stories. So, through this event, we also wanted to emphasize corresponding wages for any sort of workload irrespective of gender. As for this event, it was truly a collaborative effort that resulted in a beautiful outcome. The artists were awarded with a framed certificate each and a winner’s cheque as appreciation for their input. We are thankful to both artists for their contribution to our initiative. 

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SHE-Fights: The Self-Defense campaign was conducted on March 4th, Saturday with a total of 46 participants at the Royal Durbar Restro & Venue. Mr. Giri Bahadur Sunar and Mr. Yam Sunar, both renowned self-defense experts, took on the responsibility of training all the participants in the self-defense workshop. With several years of experience and a deep understanding of various defensive arts techniques, they were able to equip the participants with a range of skills to defend themselves in different situations. Participants were made aware of different mind techniques to stay calm and focused during stressful times. They were also taught to identify potential threats and use their voice and body to avoid conflicts and physical confrontations – whenever possible. Moreover, different physical defense approaches were also taught. So, by the end of the training, all candidates were equipped with a range of skills and techniques to protect themselves in any situation, giving them the confidence and knowledge to stay safe. A certificate of participation was presented to the candidates in recognition of their input in this one-day workshop. 

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SHE-Saves: The Blood Donation Campaign, led by women was an astounding success as it drew a total of 41 donors. Thanks to the generosity of the donors, approximately 123 lives were saved. This event took place at the Gham Power premises on the 4th of March, Saturday. With the support of Kantipur Hospital, and their expertise in the field of healthcare, as well as their resources and infrastructure, we could ensure that the blood donation process was carried out safely and efficiently. This event was a collaborative effort of Gham Energy Foundation, Gham Power, and Kantipur Hospital – all working collectively towards a greater cause. We are thankful to all the generous donors, as the event would not have been successful without their contributions. A certificate of appreciation was awarded for their noble work. We hope the certificate will serve as a reminder to be an active member of these kinds of social campaigns in further days. 

We would like to extend our gratitude to all our sponsors who helped us carry out this event successfully. 

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Contributed by Sijerina Nepal, Content Writing and Marketing Intern.