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Making the most out of my first internship at Gham Power

Starting off at Gham Power fresh out of twelfth grade was like stepping into an alternate universe I was wholly unprepared for. The bubble I had lived in for the entirety of my schooling had popped and there I was having to adapt to a new environment with all these different people who are: all older than me, all wiser than me, and all more experienced. It was nerve-wracking. Despite all my apprehensions, I met wonderful people here at Gham who have helped me grow my interpersonal and professional skills. I gained a glimpse into what a workplace looks like and was able to gain more insight into what I would want my career path to look like as well. I gained:

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Content writing skills

When I first started out, I only knew that I liked writing. Being in a workplace environment where there are so many things to consider, I have learned that content writing requires so much more than just an affinity for writing. Working closely with the marketing team to formulate content for various marketing assets and writing blogs and case studies has helped me grow my skills in writing. I now realize the intricacies of writing, and the adjustments you have to make to your writing style depending on who you’re addressing.

Interpersonal skills

Being an introvert, entering into an internship and putting myself in this new environment has been difficult to say the least. But throughout my time here I have been pushed to find confidence out of my comfort zone. I have learned to take criticism and make concessions when it’s needed but also stand my ground on my opinions when necessary. I have learned to communicate more effectively and coordinate more efficiently with the people around me. 

New skills

Adding a new skill to my repertoire makes me so proud and is probably one of my biggest takeaways from this internship. When I first interviewed for this internship, I had only an interest in video production that I had never actually pursued. Now, I have managed two video projects, and have gained a bit of experience in the process of brainstorming, planning, coordinating, shooting, and video editing and it has been an absolutely wild experience.  

There’s a lot I have gained from this internship that I cannot clearly divide into categories: small lessons I have learned and life experiences I have gained that will help me immensely in the next steps of my journey.  


Contributed by: Ujesha Vaidya, Content Writing Intern