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Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology

Since its inception, Gham Power has been focused on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly solar solutions. The company has undertaken multiple projects across a range of sectors, including Business, Healthcare, and Hospitality. We have also been working in the Education sector with projects like Chitwan Medical College Teaching Hospital (CMCTH), Birat Medical College (BMC), St. Xavier’s College, etc. The concept of sustainability is crucial in the field of education. Putting up the solar panels will increase awareness of it through educating the students about it as well as letting them personally benefit from it with factors like energy independence and sustainability. Gham Power has worked with Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology and hoping to continue its expertise in renewable energy in other Educational Institutions as well. 

It is Nepal’s first solar project to be built to accumulate energy from Pumped Hydro and will add a new dimension to the alternative energy sector.

Gham Power has collaborated with Suryodaya Urja Pvt. Ltd. for this transformative project. This project is unique with its emphasis on sustainability, as the university has gone totally green by utilizing renewable energy sources – particularly solar power systems to meet its energy demands. With the installation of a 504KWP solar power system on its premises, it has a unique twist that distinguishes it from other solar power projects undertaken by Gham Power. This project has a few final touches left as of September 2023.

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The Madan Bhandari University Project is a solar project that meets the international standards of solar power systems. Thus, most of the products used in this installation are procured from India and verified by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) before utilization, ensuring that the highest quality and safety standards are met to align with the university’s commitment to excellence. 

In addition to the solar panels, this project also incorporates a Lithium-Ion Battery with a capacity of 437KWhr for energy storage, a feature not typically found in Gham Power’s regular projects. This innovative addition allows for efficient storage of excess energy generated by the solar panels, ensuring a reliable and consistent power supply for the university, even during times of low solar radiation or high demand. With the installation, the university plans on utilizing solar as a primary source of power, including in laboratories, operation of regular electrical equipments, etc.

We are optimistic that our innovative system in the University will serve the institution well for its power needs as well as bring it a step closer to its sustainability goals. With this project, we’ve taken grid redundancy to the next level with our pioneering battery storage. Thus, it is definitely a testament for other institutions and industries to rely on solar power systems for a greener, more economical, and more independent option.