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Promising Future for 50 Girls: Longer Study Hours and Reduced Firewood

Located in the Far North-West part of Nepal, Simikot is the administrative headquarter of Humla District. Although Simikot offers a serene picturesque and feels close to nature, it dearths basic facilities like electricity which significantly affects the lives of its residents, especially growing children who require electricity for learning and educational purposes.

Moreover, in a residential all-female school in Simikot, there is no power supply. The students and staff there used to completely rely upon a micro-hydro which was unreliable most of the time. Their basic energy requirement is powering a rice cooker to prepare meals for over 60 students and staff in the school – for which they used to use firewood. In addition, the students used to study with candlelight, which was risky and limited. They certainly had a difficult time not having a power source for their routine activities like reading or cooking.

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Thanks to the installation of a solar system by Gham Power and GRID alternatives, things have turned around in Simikot for the better. No more studying under candlelight or cooking in firewood! The students and staffs in Simikot now have access to uninterrupted electricity. Since they now have internet access 24/7, teachers are planning on getting some laptops and projectors enabling an enhanced educational experience for the students. Our approach to installing this solar system in Simikot has positively impacted the lives of 50 female students from 1st to 5th grade, empowering them with improved educational opportunities and better quality of life.

Besides improving the students’ lives, solar energy also significantly reduced the power bills of the school. Previously, the school had to pay NRs. 5,000 for electricity, with a significant portion of the load being consumed by a rice cooker. However, now, their cost has been reduced to NRs. 3,500, resulting in a 30% lower expense.


Contributed by Sijerina Nepal, Content Writing and Marketing Intern.