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Learning Modern farming through Super Krishak

Launched in January 2022, with the intention to provide digital agri-advisory, our digital application Super Krishak has been able to influence the lives of numerous farmers all across the country. Many farmers are able to learn and implement farming techniques through our app. One of the farmers who has implemented the techniques acquired from the app and experienced practical benefits is Yogesh Shrestha from Birtamod Municipality-9.

Mr. Shrestha is an agriculture enthusiast and loves exploring various agri apps. About 6 months ago, while going through his social media feed he discovered Super Krishak App and has been using it ever since. He is one of our most active members who use the app almost daily and even participates in every agri-training session. He has been cultivating vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, mustard, and okra in 2¼  bighas of his own land. He has gained numerous advantages from our platform. One of the remarkable advantages is the idea of tomato grafting which he learned during our virtual agri training session and has used it to cultivate tomatoes in his own field. “My yield has grown substantially after I implemented the method I learned through the training session,” says Mr. Shrestha when asked about his experience. 

He is involved in livestock rearing as well. He has two cows and two buffalos. Mr. Shrestha also sells produced dairy products like milk, curd, and ghee in his nearby farmers’ market. Furthermore, he’s also keen on beekeeping. He even participates in our beekeeping training sessions so that he can commercialize his interest. 

His work has been so influential that he’s also been granted a government subsidy called “तरकारी खेतिमा यूवा लक्षित (Targeting the youths in vegetable farming)”.Through this capital, he aims to invest in vegetable production and even be involved in off-seasonal farming. When asked about his views on the funds that various governmental and non-governmental organizations provide, he has a clear perception that they should be handed to only those who deserve and can produce the results. 

He is very thankful to the Super Krishak family. He also recommends his fellow framers use this app and apply the ideas gained through our app – Super Krishak. He expects to see further growth in this app and hopes that the app continues to influence the lives of various smallholders. 


Contributed by Content Writer, Agraj Khanal