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Jagamatiya Devi – Solar Water Pump

“I saved NRs. 25,000 within a month of installing solar on my field. On top of that, I am also generating revenue by sharing the pump with neighbourhood farms with price much less than diesel.”

– Jagamatiya Devi, Commercial farmer, Bara district

The 6 biga of land that Jagamatiya Devi, a farmer from a rural village in Bara, uses is for farming which generates income for her family of nine. She owns one biga land out of the total, while the rest five biga land is leased. Her primary crops include wheat, paddy, sugarcane, and maize. Initially, she used to spend a lot of money on irrigation costs because she was utilizing diesel water pumps. Her total monthly irrigation cost was roughly NRS. 60,000, with NRS. 25,000 of that cost going exclusively toward the diesel for the water pump.

Given the rising expenses, Jagamatiya Devi was open to considering a reliable alternative that could help her save money without reducing her productivity. Since she is a member of a community of farmers in Mero Microfinance, she got to know about Gham Power and its solar irrigation systems through them. She had attended a training program organized by the joint effort of Gham Power and Mero Microfinance for farmers, where she learned how the cost-effective and environmentally friendly Solar Water Pump would fulfill her irrigation needs better and would be a perfect solution in the long run. 

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The training program inspired Jagamatiya Devi and left her having second thoughts about her current usage of diesel water pumps. After some guidance from Gham Power, she took the transformative decision to install Gham Power’s Solar Water Pump for her farming needs. It has been a little over a month since the system was fixed on her land and she started using this green alternative. However, even within this little time frame, she has been able to enhance her profitability and lower her expenditures as she has been using free energy from the sun instead of paying for expensive and polluting diesel. She says she is really content with the Solar Water Pump’s variability and dependability. Moreover, by adopting the greener irrigation alternative, she is influencing the farmers around her to do the same. When the Water Pump is not in use, she lets other community farmers utilize the water, helping with their irrigation needs and earning extra income herself. 

“This solar water pump has come in very handy and affordable for irrigation and overall profit. Even when my primary crops are not in season, it has helped me generate income by letting others utilize the water for less price than diesel water pumps.”

– Jagamatiya Devi, Commercial farmer, Bara district

After installing the solar water pump, she has already saved more than NRS 25,000 in a single month. She has been generating money with her crop sales as well as by selling water to other farmers in her community, at less price than diesel water pumps, providing them with dependable, environmentally friendly irrigation techniques even when her main crops aren’t in season.