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Influencing the lives of smallholders through eco-friendly irrigation

“Solar Irrigation has not only made my field rich in yield but also has implanted the hope in my heart to make a living out of agriculture.” 

Binod Kumar Sharma, our new member of the clean irrigation family, is a smallholder farmer from Jahada Municipality – Morang. Mr. Sharma is primarily involved in rice, maize, and wheat cultivation on his 0.5 hectares of land.

How did he know about us? 

Previously, Mr.Sharma used an electric motor and a diesel generator for irrigation. This method cost him more than Rs. 2,000 per irrigation cycle. With an aim to reduce his cost, he started his haunt for a low-cost, reliable, and eco-friendly mode of irrigation. “I went through a lot of articles and videos on the internet but I found the Solar Water Pump provided by Gham Power Nepal as the best fit for me,” says Mr. Sharma when asked about his decision to choose us. He then began the initial process of installation by contacting us and providing information about his previous modes of irrigation. 

How did he manage the funds?

However, Mr. Sharma was worried that the management of funds might be a barrier in this process. The total installation can be of high cost if compensated all at once. He came to know that our partner Forward Microfinance Institution would shake his hands and help him manage the capital for this project. After knowing about our financing facility, he contacted his nearest microfinance branch for funding. Mr. Sharma states “When Gham Power Nepal thoroughly explained to the microfinance about the pros of this technology and the benefits microfinance can gain, they agreed to support my funding”. Consequently, he was able to install the 1hp Solar Water Pump at just a 5% down payment. 

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How was his friend’s / family’s reaction?

When he first spoke about his plan to install a 1hp solar water pump, his friends and family tried to convince him not to go for it because they thought that the 1hp capacity seemed too low for the amount of land he had. But later, when he operated the pump, the result amazed everyone. 

Is he satisfied with the outcomes?

After less than a month of solar installation, Mr. Sharma now runs solar water pumps almost 9 hours a day but with proper consideration of water use. He is fully satisfied with the results he’s been able to obtain. As a result, he also recommends his colleagues use this technology for irrigation. 

What are his long-term plans?

When talking about his long-term plan, he aspires to adopt modern ways of farming and rely completely on agriculture for livelihood. 

The influence our technology has had on Binod Sharma’s daily life is something that we work hard for. The kind of results he has achieved in this short period is an indicator of the fulfillment of his sustainable goals. 

Contributed by Agraj Khanal, Content Writing Intern