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Improving Terai’s Drinking Water with Gham Power Krishi Meter

Gham Power, in collaboration with Diyalo Technology, has undertaken an impactful project aimed at improving community drinking water systems in the lower land of Nepal. In some remote villages of Nepal, there are numerous problems with unreliable and inaccessible drinking water. With our collaborative efforts on this project, we aim to address these persistent issues by digitizing the operation of drinking water systems in these villages, making drinking water more clean, accessible, and reliable while also preventing any sort of wastage and promoting efficient water usage.

The primary issue in rural communities is the system through which people access drinking water – a manual motor and storage tanks. The motor is responsible for water distribution and is manually operated by community people to store water in tanks and utilize it in times of need. Due to manual management, issues like water leakage and wastage are witnessed, which is an issue in places – especially where water sources are very limited.

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To tackle these challenges, Gham Power has developed an innovative solution utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) technology to automate the motor using sensors, which will be controlled through the user-friendly mobile application developed by Diyalo Technology. The integration of IoT sensors enables the measurement of important water quality parameters such as turbidity, residual chlorine, pH, and more, ensuring communities have access to clean and safe drinking water.

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This project has already been implemented in 16 sites. By partnering with Diyalo, the project combines expertise in water management and technological innovation to address non-revenue water (NRW) and prevent water leakage, maximizing the efficiency of community water systems.



Contributed by Sijerina Nepal, Content Writing and Marketing Intern.