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Import to Eco-Brew: Red Bull Goes Solar in Nepal

What do you think when you think of energy drinks? Most of us will think of Red Bull. Red Bull has been at the core of hearts as a favorite energy drink from youths to adults. Until recently, Nepal had been importing Red Bull to quench people’s demanding thirst. However, with Saras Beverage Pvt. Ltd. successfully inaugurating the Red Bull manufacturing industry at Nawalparasi, Nepali consumers can now enjoy Red Bull locally.

What’s better is that your favorite energy drink is powered up by solar and produces energy drinks with green energy. In collaboration with Gham Power Nepal, the recently established Saras Beverage has installed solar worth 514.8 KW on their rooftop. By going solar, they are producing electricity on their roofs in an eco-friendly and economical way. Moreover, with the displacement of environment-polluting power-producing alternatives, they will displace 1,915 carbon footprints in over 30 years. With this, they are moving further on their mission to safeguard the surrounding environment. 

Saras Beverage 1

Saras Beverage’s initiative is a true testament to its commitment to sustainability. By starting their journey with green energy from day one, they have established themselves as a pioneer in shaping a more sustainable future for Nepal’s industries. This innovative approach serves as an inspiration for others to embrace renewable energy solutions and contribute to a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.

Contributed by – Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant