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Gorkha Brewery – Powering up the biggest Brewery in South Asia for ZERO Carbon Footprint

Gorkha Brewery, operating in Nepal since 1989, has been manufacturing beer and energy beverages for the past 34 years. It has become a prominent leading brewery company in South Asia with the high quality we desire. In recent years, they have taken sustainability measures to address ongoing climate change, such as developing an international standard water waste management system worth Rs. 85 million. With the ambition of having a ZERO carbon footprint and getting a step ahead in sustainability, they have elevated their goal together with Gham Power by installing a 508 KW solar system on their roof space. The solar system installation has effectively reduced carbon emissions by 95.58 tonnes, displacing 2.32 kilo liters of diesel to this date.

gorkha brewery

Encompassing a blend of sustainability and innovative technology the project kicked off in early spring on March 15th, our skilled team completed the installation within a mere three and a half months. The solar structure was constructed by first assembling the frame using rods, and then affixing the solar panels on top of it by securing them in place. This design makes it easy to clean the solar panels by using stairs or other methods to access them. All in all, the solar system was installed using standard cables and wiring, following an international safety protocol. Despite encountering a medley of challenges and a cruel summer heat, the team kept on going without giving up their hopes and determination.

Looking ahead, we look forward to Gorkha Brewery having its keen eyes set on a sustainable future. Since the installation of the solar system, their operation has been smooth, and are producing their beverages without harming the environment. Cheers to the Gham Power installation team & Gorkha Brewery for the successful completion of the project.

-Contributed by Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant