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Goldstar Shoes: Kickstart to a sustainable future

Navigating through the bustling streets, Goldstar Shoes has been in the hearts of every Nepali. It has a long history of over 54 years of crafting durable and affordable footwear. Goldstar Shoes understands the importance of staying relevant. They’ve embraced aesthetics, attracting a wider audience; from general youths to old people. Recognizing a growing focus on sustainability, Goldstar has partnered with Gham Power to transform its manufacturing process. This exciting collaboration prioritizes eco-friendly practices by leveraging their rooftop space.

This sustainable initiative led them to install a 422.4 kW solar power system, exemplifying their commitment to the environment. Previously, Goldstar relied on diesel as a backup energy source, driving up factory costs. This shift to solar will help them not only to reduce their environmental impact but also streamline their operations for long-term financial benefits. Moreover, this installation is projected to curb 1,030 tons of carbon footprint and displace 236 kiloliters of diesel over the next 15 years.

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Furthermore, the solar system at Goldstar works on PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), bypassing the upfront cost of installation and maintenance charges altogether. Instead, they will be paying monthly according to their energy consumption through solar, which is usually lower than the national power grid. This allows the industry to save their operational cost. This innovative approach demonstrates their dedication to responsible manufacturing and sets a positive example for the industry.

To conclude, this initiative dedicates a brighter sustainable future for the industries of Nepal. Through this project, Goldstar is expected to achieve operational cost savings and greater energy independence on energy. 

Goldstar did it! When will you start your sustainability journey?

Contributed by – Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant