Empowering Rural Nepal Education with Solar-Powered Looma Project

The Looma Project is an impactful initiative led by a US-based company dedicated to bringing digital education to developing countries such as Nepal. It has been a while since Gham Power has been collaborating with Looma Education to work on bringing digital education to remote areas in Nepal where access to modern resources is extremely limited. The goal of this project is to empower children in remote locations by developing a unique semi-portable device – Looma which is a low-power-consuming audio-visual educational projector- which comes preloaded with specially designed applications enabling offline learning. That means students can still access educational content, even without an internet connection.

However, the Looma devices still need electricity to operate which is not reliable in the majority of remote areas in Nepal. Therefore, Gham Power is lending a helping hand by supporting the project with solar power, ensuring that even in these remote areas, children can benefit from modern educational tools. By providing solar power support, we are not only powering the Looma devices but also lighting up the path to quality education for countless children.

power hour 6
Photos by Looma Education

Right now, the project is in its installation phase, and we are on a mission to reach 21 schools. We have successfully powered 10 schools with these innovative devices, making a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of students. Recognizing the importance of bringing quality education to every corner of the country, the Ministry of Education is also a partner for our Looma Project. We are committed to bridging the gap between rural and urban education creating equal opportunities for all.



Contributed by Sijerina Nepal, Content Writing and Marketing Intern.