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Dumre School

Shree Dumre Secondary School is in Palungtar Municipality-3, Dumre, Gorkha district in the Western Nepal. There are around 120 students from Grade one to eight. The students walk on an average of one hour to reach the school each day.

Gham Power installed a 1.92Kwp of solar system to power the computer and multimedia lab in Shree Dumre Secondary School. Due to unreliable electricity, students had to wait for long time, sometimes weeks to months, for their turns. The solar system will help the students learn computer, operate printers and other multimedia devices, as required. Hopefully, this will attract students towards a career in computer science, and help improve #DigitalLiteracy, particularly among girls, in a village where very few students clear basic school to enroll in a high school.

The project was supported by Grid Alternatives and Northland Controls.