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Digi Krishi: A conclave to discuss all the aspects of Digital Agriculture

The rationale of “Digi Krishi”

Despite involving a maximum active number of economic population, the agriculture sector of Nepal lacks innovation. In the modern world, any sector you can think of is influenced by technology. Thus, digitization is the most prominent factor in the current scenario. Well known for these facts, Gham Power Nepal organized a one-day-knowledge sharing event “Digi Krishi” (Digital Agriculture) to share expertise, experience, and knowledge about different technologies that are appropriate for influencing the lives of farmers. 

The main objective of this event was to discuss the current case, barriers, and opportunities regarding the digitization of the Agri sector. For the same, a diverse group of people including innovators, government officials, students, researchers, and financial personnel marked their presence.

The insides of “Digi Krishi”


The event was graced by the overwhelming and enthusiastic participation of 75+ guests. The program was divided into three sessions. The first one was a speaker presentation in which our representative provided a presentation on what lacks in the current agricultural scenario in Nepal and what opportunities digital agriculture can provide to Nepali farmers. It was inevitable that we include farmers who are a crucial part of this entire discussion. Hence, two farmers were present as speakers who shared the value they gained by employing different modes of digital agriculture such as smart agriculture meters for monitoring farm data, electronic value chain payment methods, etc.


Secondly, we hosted a panel discussion in which five diverse and highly experienced personalities, who have been working in several facets of agriculture in Nepal, shared their experiences and expertise. There were engaging conversations revolving around digital agriculture from the perspective of the government, microfinance institution, academic sector, research sector, private sector, etc.  Mrs. Hira Thandar-the head of the loan department of Forward Microfinance stated “There is still a huge path to pave in digital agriculture as people from remote areas still don’t have access to smartphones and internet.” Our other panelist Mr. Shib Nandan Prasad Shah told: “Nepal government is trying its best to digitize the agri-sector and provide appropriate in-hand information to the farmers”.


Lastly, there was a networking session in which people from different organizations shared their opinions and views about technology-based agriculture with each other.

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We also set up stalls from which the participants could get insights and live demos on our inhouse smart agriculture meter ‘Gham Power Krishi Meter’ that gathers real-time farming and operational data of remotely located solar water pumps, Agricultural Sensors that track soil health and optimizes farm operation andSuper Krishak App’ through which we engage farmers with virtual training, Agri quizzes and articles on latest agricultural practices and news.

Little by little one walks far!

“There is always more to learn and develop”, this phrase has been correct in the sense of our event as well. Through the opinion and insights of diverse people and organizations, all the participants including ourselves have developed more understanding of the revolution required in technology-influenced agriculture. In addition, one of the main mottos of this event was to build a strong network among agriculture stakeholders. Through the interaction with the attendees, we have been able to strengthen existing relations and develop new relations which we are grateful for, and we hope that the attendees got to do the same as well.

This event can be termed a grand success without a doubt. The main objective of hosting this gathering has been fulfilled and we look forward to organizing this kind of conclave in the near future as well. 


Contributed by Agraj Khanal, Content Writing Intern