Cultivating Digital Farming for Nepali Farmers with Super Krishak’s Newly Launched AI-powered Tools

Imagine being able to monitor your farm and identify plant diseases from the comfort of your palm. Does that sound absurd? Well, in today’s digital world, it is possible. Super Krishak is an agriculture app developed for Nepalese farmers to simplify their farming and make informed decisions through innovative digital tools. Today, through Super Krishak, we have been able to engage more than 12,000 farmers with digital tools, training, and a lot more.

krishi doctor

The newly launched “Krishi Doctor” feature is designed to assist farmers in identifying crop diseases and providing instant solutions using AI technology. It simplifies crop care for farmers, ensuring prompt action without harm. Many rural residents lack access to plant treatment expertise, often resulting in either undernourished or over-nourished plants, leading to poor-quality production and financial losses. Before this feature, farmers had to wait for 2-3 days to get the potential solution of their crop disease. Now, with access to Krishi Doctor, the farmers get instant solutions to their problems mitigating the potential risk.  A recent report by Kantipur Post from July of last year highlighted the risks and consequences of using chemical pesticides without proper knowledge in Nepal. One of the farmers even suffered skin burns due to direct pesticide contact, requiring a two-day hospital stay. This underscores the need for a “Krishi Doctor” in the Super Krishak app, offering plant health care and solutions to save time, and money, and ensure healthy crops.

krishi china

Another noteworthy newly launched feature of the Super Krishak app is “Krishi China,” which helps farmers map their land using satellite imagery. This feature provides customized details about crop status, cultivation schedules, irrigation requirements, and harvesting times. By using this feature, farmers can make informed decisions about their agricultural practices. Furthermore, it provides an array of advanced real-time information forecasting the weather for the upcoming six days in the prior areas. 

In conclusion, the Super Krishak app represents a significant leap forward in the digitization of farming. With innovative AI-powered solutions, we are on our way to empower  Nepalese farmers with tailored agri-advisories and help them manage their crops more efficiently, ultimately improving agricultural productivity.

-Contributed by Roshani Shrestha, Marketing Assistant