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Import to Eco-Brew: Red Bull Goes Solar in Nepal

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Red Bull, one of your favorite energy drinks, is now brewing in Nepal! Their newly opened production facility, built in partnership with Saras Beverage, prioritizes sustainability by generating significant electricity through solar panels installed by Gham Power. This eco-friendly approach marks a positive step for Red Bull’s manufacturing footprint.

The Soaltee Kathmandu Went Green with Solar

The soaltee Kathmandu

The Soaltee Kathmandu, where luxury meets sustainability, has partnered with Gham Power to install a 506-kilowatt solar power system on their rooftop and parking lot. This eco-friendly initiative allows the hotel to displace 196 kiloliters of diesel and reduce its carbon footprint by 995 tonnes over 15 years.

Producing and selling electricity with SOLAR 

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Explore the possibility of generating your own electricity and selling excess power back to the grid. Solar energy, a reliable renewable source, combined with Gham Power’s integrated battery system, offers a sustainable solution.

Transformative Journey of a Small-holder Farmer with Solar Pump

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Khadak Bahadur Chaudhary, a farmer hailing from a rural region of Nepal, has endured numerous hardships throughout his life. Engaged in both fish farming and cultivating vegetables and sugarcane, he owns 3 Bigha land in Kanchanpur where he irrigates with a 2 hp solar pump. He says that “Irrigation used to be more efficient if […]