Producing and selling electricity with SOLAR 

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Explore the possibility of generating your own electricity and selling excess power back to the grid. Solar energy, a reliable renewable source, combined with Gham Power’s integrated battery system, offers a sustainable solution.

Transformative Journey of a Small-holder Farmer with Solar Pump

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Khadak Bahadur Chaudhary, a farmer hailing from a rural region of Nepal, has endured numerous hardships throughout his life. Engaged in both fish farming and cultivating vegetables and sugarcane, he owns 3 Bigha land in Kanchanpur where he irrigates with a 2 hp solar pump. He says that “Irrigation used to be more efficient if […]

Promising Future for 50 Girls: Longer Study Hours and Reduced Firewood

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Gham Power along with GRID alternatives installed a solar system in Simikot, Nepal, empowering all-female school and hostel with uninterrupted power for education and housing. With access to internet 24/7, and solar powered rice-cookers, the school saves 30% in its power bills.