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Bringing Light and Hope: 328 Houses Illuminated by Solar Mini-grid

Initiated on November 2022, the Girichauka Mini Grid Project was executed in partnership with the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC). This project took the team just 3 ½ months to complete, regardless of the difficulties the Power Team had to go through.


Located in the Far-Western region of Nepal, Girichauka is a scenic village in the lap of hills but severely lacking in fundamental requirements like drinking water and power. In Adarsha Gaupalika, Ward no. 6, electricity issues had to be mitigated. To say less, people had access to 2W bulbs in each house, which was not enough for their routine energy needs. Besides this, agriculture was also really poor in the area, which is likely due to inadequate water supplies. Some medicinal herbs were accessible but since they can not replace any agricultural crops, their practical utility was limited. Moreover, students were limited to fewer hours of education due to the lack of a proper power supply. 

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Gham Power stepped up to light up this village of 328 houses with Solar Power, promising a brighter future for the residents. Throughout the project, we were able to make a difference in the lives of over 1,640 people with an 80KW+ solar power system. Before starting with the project, the team made a detailed construction document of the site. The installation team and construction workers from different districts had to be invited due to the insufficiency of manpower there. However, after the necessary training and equipments were provided to the crew members, the project was carried out. The villagers helped in carrying raw materials and even drinking water amidst the tough roads and unfortunate weather conditions, while our team members worked hard to build the powerhouse and assemble the supporting framework to provide villagers with access to power, thereby making their lives easier. Seeing everyone’s effort to get this done despite the obstacles was amazing.


As a result, the villagers could operate various furnishing machinery on top of their day-to-day energy usage. They could run their televisions and radios. Before the installation of solar panels, students had fewer class hours which were often disturbed by power outages but now, their learning has been more efficient and they also receive extended hours of education because they have access to reliable electricity at any time of the day. This project was a testament to the team’s dedication to building a sustainable community. The inhabitants of Girichauka were beyond happy to see their houses lit up. They now envision relying on solar and utilizing grinding mill machines to earn some extra income. Before Gham Power’s Solar mini-grids were installed, students had to go all the way to the Ward Office, just to use Printing and Photocopy Machines, but now the machines can operate at their local store. Health Posts now have wider options for health care, as they have the means to operate heavy machineries. Along with lighting up people’s houses, Gham Power has revived people’s dreams with this project. The joy and hope radiating on people’s faces have made every little struggle worth it.


Contributed by Sijerina Nepal, Content Writing and Marketing Intern.