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Bluebird Mall

One of the biggest malls of its time, Bluebird Mall (The Blue Star Hotel)  is a place full of memories and laughter for many. Gham Power has successfully installed a solar system of 86.43 kW consisting of 192 panels in Bluebird mall. Even with three different buildings to be powered at Bluebird Mall, this project was completed in just 28 days thanks to our passionate and driven installation team.


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We spoke to not only the installation team on-site but also interviewed people around Bluebird to find out what they thought about going solar, as a part of our Bluebird Mall Video Series

According to the people we interviewed, cost and climate change are two of the main reasons for choosing to adopt solar. With electricity bills taking a major part in the total expenses and concerns about climate change and pollution mounting worldwide, Bluebird mall made the conscious decision to switch to solar and join the renewable movement. 


“We think solar is a good choice. If the light goes off, we need to turn on the generator and the generator causes pollution.” – Shiva Basnet, Procurement Manager, Bluebird Management Co. (P.) Ltd.


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Now, with the help of solar, Bluebird mall has been able to cut costs and help keep the environment clean. Within a month, Bluebird has been able to enjoy a 37% reduction in electricity bills and displace 25% diesel. As Bluebird mall joins our list of businesses going green, they hope to separate from diesel generators over time and shift completely to solar.


“In terms of cost and energy efficiency, solar is better in the long-run.” – Saras, Content Manager, Kritya Hub Pvt. Ltd.


Going green is no longer an option, it is a necessity we must undertake for the earth and the environment. This is only the beginning, let’s all take up the challenge to be renewable-run green businesses, contact us at if you’ve made the decision to go solar too.

Then, sit back and Let Gham pay for Electricity’.