AEPC led by Innovative Thinking : A New Era

AEPC (Alternative Energy Promotion Centre) is working actively towards expanding the reach of alternative energy and increasing the quality of electricity and the decentralisation of energy sources. They are involved in the complete electrification of the country, alternative energy in the thermal sector, waste to energy and grid interconnection among many others. A few examples of projects that AEPC has participated in that left an impression, for one, is a solar project at rural health institutions that offer postpartum or “Sutkeri” care for women. Another project that AEPC is particularly passionate about is providing electricity to rural schools allowing for kids to access digital education.

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Dr. Narayan Adhikari 

AEPC has remained one of Gham Power’s long standing partners with whom we have collaborated on multiple projects especially regarding the provision of solar water pumps (SWPs) to rural smallholder farmers. We took this time to talk to the Technical Division Head, Narayan Adhikari and to recap all that AEPC has achieved in the renewable energy sector as well as to delve into what the future holds for the institution and for the country. 

AEPC aims to reach off-grid, rural areas with mini-grid and mini-hydro projects and is targeting the 7th SDG (Affordable and Clean Energy) by endeavouring to provide Tier 3 quality electricity by 2030. Additionally, in order to counter the country’s overdependence on hydropower, Adhikari strongly supports the need to diversify and decentralise energy sources. Although our main source of electricity is hydropower, production through this source decreases to one-third of its total capacity in the dry seasons resulting in the need for electricity imports. Therefore, it is important to promote other renewable sources such as solar to achieve electrical independence.

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Adhikari ensures that AEPC will open itself up to more innovative approaches and solutions, also mentioning the importance of changing the traditional outlook of the masses that wrongly associate alternative energy as only a backup to the main grid. AEPC intends to mainstream other renewable sources as a strategy to diversify and decentralise our electricity grid system, move towards sustainability, increase our renewable energy production and increase the energy efficiency of the country. 

Gham Power is proud to associate with forward-minded institutions and we look forward to contributing to AEPC’s vision for the future of alternative energy sector in Nepal. Here’s to many more years of partnership and collaboration!



Contributed by Ujesha Vaidya