Make impact investment in projects that use solar to generate income and serve remote, underprivileged communities and smallholding farmers.

Projects available for funding:


Solar powered irrigation systems that incorporate data driven farming to improve agricultural productivity and hence the income of smallholding farmers

Rural Microgrids

Off-Grid Solar microgrids for rural electrification and micro-enterprise development along the major trekking trails in Nepal

Who is it for?

Equity Investors

Banks and Debt Investors

Grant Foundations

How does it work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this about?

This is an opportunity to support Gham Power in its initiative of serving smallholding farmers and underprivileged rural communities by financing solar based productive end-use equipment to deploy PAYG (Pay As You Go) systems that help these households and communities increase their productivity and hence, their income.

Why should I care?

Nepal is one of Least Developed Countries in the world, where a quarter or so, of the national population live under extreme poverty (earn around 1$ / day or less). Most of these people are living in rural or remote areas and practice traditional subsistence farming. They are too poor to invest in essential, quality agro-inputs (like irrigation or cold storage) or in electric tools to start or operate micro-enterprises. This initiative will help bring solar power to these bottom of the pyramid, last mile population and help them operate essential equipment that will increase their productivity, their income and thus, help improve their livelihood.
Each Dollar you invest will generate $2.1 in social and economic returns for the farmers and the rural communities.

What kind of equipment will be deployed?

There will be 2 product lines: Agro – Processing equipment, and Rural Micro-Grids. Agro-Processing equipment include, but not limited to Irrigation (Water pumps), Chilling and Refrigeration, and Grinding Mills etc. The Micro-Grids will enable rural electrification for far-off off-grid communities in the mountains, and help the communities and households to power tools and devices to operate tourism based and other micro-enterprises like tea-shops, gift-shops for trekkers, furniture mill, dairy, etc.

Will I get my money back?

You can support this initiative by investing in the projects as either Grants or Impact Investments. The Grants will be directly passed on to the farmers and the communities and reduce the system costs, thus, their monthly EMI installments. Whereas, the Impact Investment will be used to finance the PAYG model and paid back to the investors at the end of the term.

How can I invest thorough Grants?

It’s as easy as pie. Visit our online project development platform: Off Grid Bazaar, register an account as an Investor. Once your account is verified and activated, you can browse hundreds of different projects, compare the end users, impact metric, risk profiles, among other things. You can simply select the projects you want to fund, the proportion of the cost you want to support, and then pay online. It’s as easy as buying your next read on the Amazon!

How can I invest for returns?

There are 2 ways. You can either invest as Equity Investors in Gham Power. Or, you can invest as Debt, like Banks invest. If you are a Nepali investor, the process of investing and channeling your find is pretty straight-forward and can be completed within a few days, upon agreement with Gham Power team.

If you are an international party interested in Impact Investing in the project, upon agreeing terms with Gham Power, the process of finalizing official paper-works and formalities for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will apply, and takes a few weeks before your fund is ready to make an impact!

What kind of returns are we talking?

It depends on the project portfolio you’re interested, the terms of investment, and risk distribution between Investors and Gham Power, among several other factors. The percentage return can only be confirmed upon detailed discussions and negotiations between both parties. However, in any case, the returns are attractive, and higher than competitive impact investment opportunities.

What should I do next, I want to invest?

Please fill the form below and get in touch with us. If you want, you can also email us your interest and queries at and our team will quickly get back to you. In the meantime, you can register for an Investor Account on the Off Grid Bazaar platform and explore the current projects to get a sense of our work, and may be help a farmer grow vegetables to feed his family while we negotiate terms for your investment.

How do I know how and where my money is spent?

You can view the progress made towards the implementation of each of the project that you have funded on the Off Grid Bazaar platform. Once the systems are deployed, you can also see the real-time operational data, track repayments and learn about the impacts you’ve made through our Project dashboard and through other write-ups including blogs and newsletters.

I am from a Development Agency or an INGO, how can I play a part?

Gham Power is a social enterprise that takes a lot of pride in constantly and consistently evolving and innovating technology and business models to serve the under-served. It takes a lot of time, finance and other resources to pursue Research and Development, test and pilot devices and business models, and build linkages between stakeholders. We have been fortunate to have received support from various institutions and agencies in developing these innovative solutions. However, since innovation is a never-ending journey, we’re always working on something cool, something interesting, that can develop and scale further with your support. Get in touch!

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