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Off Grid Bazaar


It’s no secret that rural farmers in Nepal have been struggling when it comes to modernizing their agricultural practices. They have been facing troubles with managing their land and ensuring optimal utilization of water resources for effective irrigation. Some farmers tend to over-irrigate their crops while others wait for seasonal monsoon to nourish their crops. On the other hand,  many farmers suffer losses because they have no idea regarding the appropriate quantity of fertillizers required for their crops to be pest-free and thriving. All of these situations are holding back farmers from moving towards commercialization and increasing their profits, like they’ve always aimed of.

Witnessing these many issues of rural farmers, Gham Power developed Off Grid Bazaar (OGB) – a platform dedicated to mitigating agricultural issues through remote analysis, advisory and management of farming operations leveraging real-time insights. Moreover, with OGB, the ideal Solar Water Pump size can be determined by just filling the specific farm data, ensuring efficient water management and increased productivity. Overall, OGB forms an ecosystem of smart hardware and software platforms to manage the operations of solar pump projects.


off grid lead icon

Simplified Lead Registration

Streamline the project registration process with an offline mobile app

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Seamless Project Management

Easy review and monitoring of approved pumping systems and project status

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Transparent Impact Tracking

Track impact creation for each farmer through visualization of agri-parameters

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Convenient Digital Payments

Review and manage payments made electronically through digital wallets