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GRIPS Project



Since most of the electricity in Nepal is hydro-powered, it is seasonal by nature. The increasing energy demand is not stopping at this rate and to fulfill the ever-growing demand, the government is compelled to import high-carbon electricity from India as Nepal also lags behind in energy storage. Consequently, Nepal faces frequent power cuts, and the development of infrastructure to overcome the problem of power cuts is slow and expensive. This hampers the operations of key institutions and businesses responsible for health, livelihood and national economy.

GRIPS is an initiative by Gham Power, Swanbarton, HiT Power, Scene Connect and Practical Action Consulting that aims to address the challenges posed by unreliable grid power supply and to increase the energy security in Nepal, whilst reducing negative environmental impacts. With this project, a smart storage system is designed to seamlessly switch between grid supply, battery and solar power during outages, making energy more reliable. GRIPS promotes adoption of clean tech and eradicating use of polluting power sources that contribute to climate risks and carbon emissions.


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Integrates Smart Battery and Solar

A self-sustaining power supply that integrates solar, smart batteries, and grid

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Economical Power Switching

Automated power switching that results in uninterrupted and cheaper electricity

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Maintain Grid Resilience

Stabilizes grid electricity by providing a reliable energy flow during outages

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Inclusive Energy Transition

Suggests Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI)-sensitive policy reforms