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Gham Power Krishi Meter


Rural farmers have long faced challenges related to water and soil resource management, significantly impacting their agricultural yield and overall field productivity. Fish farmers, unaware of factors like residual chlorine levels and dissolved oxygen quantities required for fish preservation, often suffer losses. On the other hand, agricultural farmers lack knowledge about essential soil parameters such as pH, turbidity, weather forecasts, and irrigation timing, leading to suboptimal farming practices. These limitations hinder their productivity and profitability. 

With Gham Power Krishi Meter, farmers get data-driven and real-time farm insights that help them optimize their farming methods and resources. The smart device leverages IoT technology to automate, monitor and control solar water pumps, helping in water management. The agricultural sensors in the meter measures and analyzes crucial agricultural parameters assisting farmers to make informed decisions regarding crop quality and yield. In addition, the system is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for uneducated farmers.


krishi meter monitoring icon

Real-time Monitoring

Stores real-time farm data and monitors farm operations for easy detection of issues

krishi meter network icon

Low Network Operation

Uninterrupted operations in rural areas with limited network connectivity

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Personalized Agri-advisory

Unique to every farmer and personalized to cater specific farming needs

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Multi-purpose Agri-Sensors

 Informed crop decisions with agri-sensors that track soil and water health