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making a positive impact on the environment & the communities we serve

Diesel Displaced
15501 KL
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40000 TONNES
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Uninterrupted energy is crucial for efficient operations of industries and businesses. Our mission is to make energy more reliable, green and affordable. Through our solar system, we enable institutions to produce energy on their own quarters fostering energy independence while actively contributing to sustainability. 

Power Hour

We organize Power Hours at Nepal’s major industrial hubs, where we talk to industry leaders about energy self-sufficiency, reducing carbon footprints and long-term cost savings with cleaner energy solutions for improved energy security in Nepal.


Our goal is to create sustainable future for all. We aim to provide cleaner alternatives to businesses, communities as well as smallholder farmers who are extensively using non-renewable sources in order to fulfill their energy demand. We displace them and install a cleaner alternative to reduce carbon emissions.

SHE Creates

For International Women’s Day, we took the initiative to support female artists by organizing a mural art contest focused on renewable energy. With this, we not only beautified the street with art, but also raised awareness about sustainability.


Every year, our mission grows stronger in transforming lives and fueling growth in our community. As we empower enterprises, small holder farmers, and rural communities, we extend our reach to the very core of society. Through our Gham Energy Foundation, we channel our efforts into organizing impactful events that serve public welfare goals.

Gham Energy Foundation

Established in 2019, our foundation promotes better healthcare, women empowerment, environment conservation and supports disadvantaged communities. We organized blood donation camps, self-defense training, agriculture workshops and many more.


Food security has been a global issue. In Nepal, farmers rely on outdated traditional methods hindering yield. Our mission is to bridge this gap through our simplified digital tools. With this, farmers can make data-driven decisions, adopt climate-smart practices, reduce resource waste and improve the overall sustainability of their farm operations.

Digi Krishi

We organize Digi Krishi where we bring together innovators, government officials, students, researchers and financial personnel to discuss barriers, opportunities and partnerships to digitize agriculture sector in Nepal.