Gham Power is a solar energy-focused social enterprise based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 2010, Gham Power has deployed over 3,000 solar systems with a cumulative capacity of over 3.5 Megawatts, for different usage, and across various sectors and geographies. One of the leading solar energy companies in Nepal, Gham Power is known for maintaining high standards of services, and for innovative business models that focus on cross-sectoral collaboration to deliver holistic solutions for the end customers. Through bespoke solutions and unique value propositions, we help smallholder farmers, agri-enterprises, businesses, and institutions like schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. address their energy needs and thrive.

Over the past 4 years, Gham Power is gradually expanding its services to more rural areas and serving rural communities and smallholder farmers through rural electrification and productive end-use (PEU) projects. While noble pursuits, rural projects are inherently more challenging due to complex socio-economic and political realities. They often require onboarding a host of stakeholders from various government agencies, financial institutions, end-users, and the local communities. This makes demand aggregation, consultation, project implementation, and monitoring lengthy and expensive processes. Therefore, it is challenging to scale rural systems like solar water pumps for irrigation, solar microgrids for rural electrification, or solar grinding mills, for instance.

To facilitate different stakeholders from the government agencies, financial institutions, and the local stakeholders into a single platform and to digitize the overall project development and monitoring processes, Gham Power has been developing a digital ecosystem called – Off Grid Bazaar. It includes various hardware, software (web) and mobile applications(Android) that allows the digitization of rural operations for deploying solar-based appliances and delivering advisories.

The Off Grid Bazaar platform allows its end-users to create various solar developers (like Gham Power), Financial Institutions (like banks/microfinance), government agencies (like government agencies/local municipalities), and development partners/INGOs to reduce their operational/transactional costs and track the impact parameters in an effortless and transparent manner. It also mines the near real-time data from the field of end-users based on which we develop automatic triggers including static and dynamic advisories and deliver it on a need basis for its end-users.


The objective of this engagement is to maintain in-house expertise to assist Gham Power in better understanding farmer requirements, improve agro-algorithms being developed by Gham Power, and assist in the ongoing agri-related research works. The agri-officer will work with the Product Manager and Agri-analytics Officer as well as end-user farmers to develop holistic agriculture solutions and may have to visit farmers in rural nooks of the country for the surveys and workshops.

The consultant will report to and work closely with the Agri-analytics Officer at Gham Power.

Roles and Functions

Advisory Roles

  • Conduct desk research on relevant issues of interest to the farmers served by Gham Power, especially regarding various crops, agri-inputs and intercultural activities requirements, disease control, modern farming methods and crop scheduling, etc. and develop an agri-advisory package for farmers.
  • Maintain regular contact and consultation (on-site and from the office) to the farmers, address and discuss farmer’s queries and issues. 
  • Assist in designing the research works conducted by Gham Power Nepal at field level and collect the data.
  • Based on desk research, and frequently asked farmer’s queries, write relevant articles and create content for education, awareness and marketing.
  • Create content, respond to queries, and do other activities necessary to manage the digital advisory platform developed by Gham Power and partners with different partners. 
  • Mobilize field-based agri-officers, monitor their activities and develop deliverables to be delivered through them to end-users and potential leads for Gham Power products.
  • Identify relevant experts and conduct consultation when necessary to complete the aforementioned agri-functions.

Analytics Functions

  • Collect, maintain and analyze data of end-users of Gham Power’s SWPS, and maintain Farmer Information Management System (FIMS).
  • Analyse the real-time field data recorded in Off Grid Bazaar and develop agri-advisory triggers essential for farmers
  • Produce regular updates and reports summarising the overall status and the progress of projects installed by Gham Power.

Skills and Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in streams related to Agricultural Sciences or Final year results awaiting.
  • Good understanding of the agricultural sector in Nepal, especially for smallholder farmers, with insights on major crops, traditional vs. modern farming practices, disease control, input requirements etc. will be valuable.
  • Excellent command in data analysis, advanced excel and good knowledge of other statistical tools is highly desirable
  • Excellent communication (written form) skills in both English and Nepali is essential.
  • Effective verbal communication and presentation skills are vital. Candidates are required to conduct a workshop and presentation/consultation in front of a group of farmers and partners.
  • Comfortable and confident working closely with rural farmers, and maintaining frequent communications (over the phone and on-site) with the farmers
  • Evidence of the ability to work well within a team and business acumen
  • Comfortable working with computers and the internet.
  • Initiative with a  passion to conduct research on need basis and travel to rural nooks and corners of the country.
  • Above all, a firm believer in the need of modernizing traditional agriculture in Nepal for overall national development, and willing to make a contribution to this cause.

Duration of Work

This position is for 6 months with the possibility of extension and appraisal based upon the performance.

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive salary, provident fund, paid holidays, and many other perks.

Duty Station

Kathmandu with up to 25% travel time outside Kathmandu Valley

Application Guideline

Please apply directly through our website with your updated CV and cover letter. If you have questions or to share your portfolio, contact

Deadline to Apply

Open until filled

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