The objective of this engagement is to assist Gham Power in better understanding farmer requirements, and creating engaging content for rural and urban farmers. The Agri-Intern will work with the Agri-analytics Head and Agri-Officer as well as end-user farmers to develop holistic agriculture solutions and may have to visit farmers in rural nooks of the country for the surveys and workshops.

Additionally, the intern will also assist in a research project, in collaboration with student researchers from Santa Clara University, California USA. Gham Power partners with Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, at Santa Clara University, to advance our mission of empowering rural Nepali communities to thrive. We have initiated an action research project with Miller Center Fellows (third-year university students) to grow our business and positive social impact.

Goals of the research project 

  • A strategy to transition target audiences from various social media platforms to Gham Power’s Farmer app.
  • An impact measurement framework that identifies key metrics and strategies for efficient and effective data collection.

The Content creator will report to and work closely with the Agri-Officer at Gham Power.

Roles and Functions

Content Development:

  • Conduct desk research on relevant issues of interest to the farmers served by Gham Power, especially regarding various crops, agri-inputs, and intercultural activities requirements, disease control, modern farming methods, and crop scheduling, etc., and develop an agri-advisory package for farmers.
  • Support the in-house team at Gham Power to identify relevant topics for Agri-trainings and prepare content for it. 
  • Create content, respond to queries, and do other activities necessary to manage the digital advisory platform developed by Gham Power and partners with different partners. 
  • Identify suitable topics to provide training to rural farmers, create materials and conduct training (onsite and virtual) and deliver it to farming communities.
  • Identify relevant experts and conduct consultation when necessary to complete the aforementioned agri-functions.

Opportunity to work on a research project with US students:

  • Brief agricultural and cultural context of Nepal to US students
  • Communicate with US research fellows through Whatsapp and Zoom
  • Accommodate and attend meetings with US research fellows (might be in California, US hours)
  • Work together with Miller Center Fellows to develop a specific research plan, gather local data, and interpret how this data can help Gham Power pursue its mission

Skills and Education

  • Running Bachelor’s Degree in streams related to Agricultural Sciences/Fisheries/ Animal Sciences. 
  • Good understanding of the agricultural sector in Nepal, especially for smallholder farmers, with insights on major crops, traditional vs. modern farming practices, disease control, input requirements etc. will be valuable.
  • Excellent command of Google utilities, MS Tools, Nepali Writing (Unicode), and graphics will be preferred.
  • Excellent communication (written form) skills in both English and Nepali are essential.
  • Effective verbal communication and presentation skills are vital. 
  • Comfortable and confident working remotely and closely with rural farmers, and maintaining frequent communications (over the phone and on-site) with the farmers at necessity. 
  • Evidence of the ability to work well within a team and business acumen is preferable.
  • Comfortable working with computers and the internet.
  • Initiative with a  passion to conduct research on a need basis and travel to rural nooks and corners of the country.
  • Above all, a firm believer in the need of modernizing traditional agriculture in Nepal for overall national development, and willing to make a contribution to this cause.

Duration of Work

This position is for 6 months with the possibility of extension and appraisal based upon the performance.

Compensation and Benefits

Competitive payment on the basis of work performance, content developed and impact created.

Duty Station


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