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Taking action to strengthen our energy security

Nepal lacks energy reliability and security. To date, we face power outages due to an unreliable supply of electricity. Gham Power aims to bring an innovative and renewable storage/ battery solution that will help balance out and stabilize our electrical supply. 

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EARTH DAY: Then and Now – Invest In Our Planet

This Earth Day let us all Invest In Our Planet and work collectively towards a safer and better earth. Learn what small habits you can incorporate into your daily lives to help the earth & tell us what new habits we can incorporate into ours!

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Receiving Light and Hope with Solar Mini-grid

From the perspective of those impacted, we bring to you a story of a mini grid system that means more than just getting reliable electricity to a village in Sorukot, Mugu. It is the foundation for their dreams and the new hope they carry for the future.

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AEPC led by Innovative Thinking : A New Era

“We need to formulate & implement policies to enhance the energy security of Nepal without delay. We also need to decentralize & diversify our energy sources through solar & other renewables to increase the quality of electricity supplied”. – Narayan Adhikari, AEPC

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How Solar Grinding Mill is Nurturing Athletes in Rural Nepal?

​​“Proper diet, durable sports gear and education is significant to train athletes. Unfortunately, the government and related agencies do not contribute in any form and thus we had to find a way to sustain ourselves, and a solar mill was the right choice.” – KSC

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