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Business Microgrid

Integrates solar with diesel generators to reduce fuel consumption and costs

Rural Microgrid

Powers local businesses in rural communities to run appliances for communication, healthcare, and agriculture; supplies power to households

Lighting & Backup

Powers lights, computer, TV, also heavier appliances like water pump, fridge, and rice cooker (for homes & businesses)


Streetlights for roads, parking lots, or area security

Featured Customer Installations

EVK2 Pyramid Research Lab

Size: 10 kw
Location: Near Mt Everest Base Camp at Lobuche, Nepal
Installation Completed On: January 1, 2012

10 kw PV System at EVK2 Pyramid Research Lab at Mt Everest Base Camp

Premiere international environmental research organization EVK2CNR based in Italy tapped Gham Power to install a 10-kilowatt solar PV system at its Pyramid research lab located in Lobuche, close to Mount Everest base camp.The system from Gham Power will be used to generate electricity to power up the monitoring units at Ev-K2-CNR. The research projects being conducted at the base of Everest requires the use of many monitoring units that needs constant power supply. The solar electricity helps keep the live monitoring data feed being collected from this Everest Region for the project Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment.The system at the Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory consists of 56 panels of 185 watts each, totaling a system of 10.36 KWs.More..

Maiti Nepal Shelter for Trafficked Girls

Size: 8.3 kw
Location: Maiti Nepal Shelter for Trafficked Girls, Gaushala, Kathmandu, Nepal
Installation Completed On: January 27, 2012

8.3 kw PV system at Maiti Nepal Shelter for Trafficked Girls

Maiti Nepal, an organization helping rescue women and children from trafficking, tapped Gham Power to install a 8.3-kilowatt solar PV system at their rehabilitation center in Gaushala, Kathmandu.The 8.3 KW system at Maiti Nepal comprises of 45 panels of 185 watts. Maiti Nepal made the decision to go for solar energy as their means of back up solution in addition to their backup of diesel generator. Friends of Maiti Nepal, a non-profit organization based in the US, raised funds from well-wishers to provide this solar PV system for Maiti Nepal.More..

Bayalpata Hospital

Size: 3 kw
Location: Bayalpata, Accham, Far-western Nepal
Installation Completed On: July 26, 2011

The solar PV system at Nyaya Hospital, Bayalpata, is designed to provide power back up for oxygen machine, refrigerator, laptops, router, printer, lights and other machineries used in the hospital.

This is a 3.33 Kw Solar PV system that produces on average 12 KWH electricity per day. The system is designed to provide electricity backup even when there is no grid electricity for 3-4 days. The system also powers backup for the internet services, which provides uninterrupted teleconferencing to support the telemedicine equipment used by the hospital to teleconference with the Hospitals in Kathmandu and other places.

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Answer to Load-Shedding: Solar!

"Gham Power installed a solar system to bring more consistent electricity to Bayalpata Hospital. The result has been impressive; even through two periods of complete grid black-out (one in July for 7 days and one in August for 9 days), the hospital electricity has not had a single significant stoppage in 5 months, powering all of our clinical and administrative facilities. "

- Duncan Maru, MD/PhD, Nyaya Health Co-Founder