We are as shocked as you are with the aftermath of the deadly earthquake in Nepal. At this point, people who lost their homes as well as relief workers desperately need basic power for lighting, charging phones, and powering relief work equipment. To help them, we have started a campaign Rebuild With Sun to provide solar powered lights and charging stations to displaced people living in shelters and tents, and also for relief work. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Quite a challenge, but we really need your help! Click Here to Donate

Here is a live map of all incoming help requests for basic power needs, and where resources are deployed.

Call   +977-1-4721486    or email   contact@ghampower.com   today!

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Our Systems

Solar Microgrids

Power an entire village or a community of 20 to 30 houses in a cluster. Starting from a 3 light bulb package for Rs 300 per month.

Productive End Use

Power appliances to run a small business (rice mill, refrigerator, dairy chilling, water pumps). Most systems pay off within  3 years.

 Commercial and Industrial

Add solar to existing diesel generator. Reduce fuel consumption. Get clean and reliable power that costs less than diesel.

Residential / Streetlights

Power lights, computer, TV, also heavier appliances like water pump, fridge, and rice cooker. Light up streets, open areas, and parking lots to be safe and secure.

For a free evaluation, call +977-1-4721486  or email us today!

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